Hello Blog Community,

My name is James Hollywood and I want to welcome you to my blog site. In this space, I will share with you many of my different passions and influences. Within this site, you may also find inspirational leadership from various individuals who can share their spotlight from various interviews. I hope to be a service to where you can find love, inspiration, spirituality, knowledge, wisdom, insight, joy, peace, happiness and prosperity. But first, let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a Godly family man of two beautiful daughters. In our household, we value God above all, and then family, education, and career. I have a range of experiences but mainly spent most of my time working in the nonprofit industry. Throughout this content, I hope to be a positive influence on you by sharing some knowledgeable information that will inspire you to act and be great in many areas of your life.

Once again blog community Welcome to Hollywood!


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