Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Bible: Book of John

Hello Blog Community,

I hope that you all enjoyed reading the December Book of the Month: Grit. However, I couldn't wait to share with you my favorite book of all time and wanted to invite you to read it with me. Come and join me on this year, yearly challenge of completing the greatest book ever written, the Holy Bible.

Several years ago, I made a commitment to God with completing the Bible. Every morning thereafter, in my quiet time with Him, I read more of His Word. This is important in the faith of building an ongoing relationship with Him and essential to your spiritual growth. Reading is essentially fundamental, but it is what you do with the information, knowledge and wisdom that matters. Certainly, as you read the Word, ask God a simple question: God what is your word saying about me and what changes do I need to make to being more like you. The Word is solely the truth and it can change you, circumstances and people. If you don't believe so, give it a try.

If you don't have a personal relationship or would love to ask questions about the Word please don't hesitate to contact me, a local pastor or church. So, the yearly book challenge is before you as I would like for you to join me in completing the Bible in one year. I have attached a sample of a yearly Bible plan that I got online. Print this off and devote time, commitment and dedication to the Word. Lastly, I wanted to share with you the Bible App that I use. I use an App called You Version. It is designed with a digital Bible with built-in Bible Plan and you can connect with friends and associates like Facebook. This App keeps me on track of when I'm traveling, at the gym, or in bed. If you don't own a Bible and would need one. Please let me know, I would purchase one for you.

As I close, I would like for you to join me on this yearly challenge. Invite others to join with you as we all need accountability partners and those that we share activities with. So, let this be one of those activities.

*Stay tuned for January Book of the Month

Love, James.


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