Audacious Faith?

As I entered the New Year after a decade of losses, I couldn’t help but look back in disbelief. Just before the News Years, I meet with three of my mentors. I felt a little exhausted from running full speed over the year of 2019. Working full time, healing from past hurts, active in the community, raising my daughters, completing classes in degrees that I’m seeking and opening and operating several businesses. I couldn't believe the mess that I was in that decade. However, I did something I haven’t done in a while. As I looked back, I decided to write a letter to God. A full letter of forgiveness, of love and a true outpouring to God. I needed to release this weight for quite a while.

As I completed my letter, God dropped a word of scripture to me. It felt like a heavyweight on me as it didn’t ease up until I got my Bible to read the scripture God gave me. As soon as I finished reading the scripture, the Word drew me into a deep meditation. After meditating, I got up and grabbed my commentaries, my sermon notebook and started preaching to myself. The message God gave me was on “Faith”. I know you are wondering, that’s a powerful message and it was. I got up a few hours later after studying for this sermon for myself and went to the gym. I got to the gym and ran across another one of my mentors Harry. Harry always checked in on me to see how things are going with me and my business entities. I shared with him that I was second-guessing a few things and he immediately stopped me and poured into my weak spirit. He said, “I’m going to buy this book for you”. “What is it called”, I asked. Then he said, “Sun Stand Still”. As I repeated the title to him, as I was already in the process of ordering it on Amazon. Fast forward to today, I have begun reading this book and haven’t fully completed it just yet, but the Lord has been speaking to me on so many levels. I read a chapter in the book before going to bed every night and journal as I read. Therefore, for February, I’m recommending a book to you that recommended to me. I hope that it blesses you as it is doing to and through me. But I know you a curious about what is audacious faith?

Audacious Faith is...

Being Bold

Being Brave

Being Beautiful

And most importantly Being You

Audacious is defined as boldness or daring, especially with confident or arrogant disregard for personal safety. However, the question that remains is that do people have audacious faith? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. When you have that type you can confidently and boldly go after whatever God destined for you to proceed. God created each one of his children with the purpose to further build His kingdom on Earth. Sitting on your talents and treasures that God blessed you with can hinder and handicap you in many ways. In Sun Stand Still, Pastor Steven Furtick walks you through God's desire for your life.


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