December Book of the Month

You want to transform your mind then pick up a book. One book, one page, one sentence, one word can change and transform your life.

For December, I want to invite you to read this book called “Grit” by Angela Duckworth with me.

Grit is a highly inspiring book that talks about many ways to overcome failures and preserve during those times. Angela teaches many practical applications that can transform your outlook from your past in looking forward in a way towards a brighter future in seeing and achieving greater. Some key takeaways from this book include:

1. Grit is a better measurement for success that talent

2. High performance comes from mundane acts

3. Grit is about stamina not intensity

4. Decide what not to do

5. Purpose is the idea that what we do matters

6. The way you deal with failure determines your success

Please join me next month in reading Grit. You can purchase this book from many online stores and at your local Barnes & Noble.



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