Godly Friendships

Throughout my life of many setbacks and failures, I needed to find my true purpose and meaning. Coming from a fatherless household and watching my mom provide for my brothers and me, I was lost trying to find my identity and purpose in Christ. Given that I knew partial roles and responsibilities of both men and women, I fell short. As easily flawed and imperfect, we easily conform to customs and environments that we are around and associate with. In a portion of my book, “Being a God-Fearing Man in Fatherless Society, I talk about the many failures and challenges that I have been through that I pray would help many young men and boys find the perfect Father that gave us principles to live by as we strive to be the Men of God he called each of us to. As I stated in my introduction to this blog site, I will cover tons of content that I pray would bless and serve my readers.

This week features I want to talk about friendships. In several of my books, I wrote heavily on friendships and relationships. From personal experiences and challenges to those close to me, this is an important topic.

With the busyness of our rapid, fast pace day to day roles, we have lost the roots of friendships, continuity, and community. It has been stated that of all men, only 10% have real friends. This is quite alarming as deep friendships these days are low as they are.

In the Bible teachings, God created men and women to both be relational. But it seems at times that men only connect with other men and friends during activities and women connectivity revolves around the act of sharing. Some go on to say that men do this because of the fear of being suspected deviant behaved and that men don’t need each other. Either the case, this type of behavior is robbing the man of himself, his children, his wife, his church and community. Genesis 2:18 says, “that it is not good for man to be alone”. Men are created to be relational creatures and it is important to be connected to friendships and relationships as it is essential to his growth and significance.

Throughout the Gospel, Jesus grew close relationships with the disciples. John 15:13-15 goes on to say that Jesus called them friends. Through Christ's body which being the church, we become eternal brothers and sisters and men that are married are intimate friends with their wife.

However, it is also key that men have same-sex friends. Same-sex friends offer wise counsel, prayer and hold each other accountable to their commitments and responsibilities. The Bible teaches us several key components to a great friendship:






In the future, I hope to give more insight into what each of those mean. But a good friendship involves prayer, work, friendliness, affirmation, listening, acceptance, and hospitality. I hope that you Biblically challenge yourself as I do as well to become a better friend to those around us.


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