Magic #7

“Right now my biggest struggle is to have discipline to stick to my every-day habits”

Replacing bad habits with good habits takes a lot of time, patience, dedication and tact. In this short blog, I want to share with you the menu/ exercise for building essentially good habits in your daily life.

The menu:

• Print this off, place it by your bedside, look at it before you reach for your phone every day

• Write the one habit you want to form/change

• Start from the bottom, write down all the pains you have now – due to the lack of this habit. This includes all of your emotional and physical pains, short and long term.

• All the way to the other side of this sheet and then come back to the front page

• Think about that one thing, that ONE and the only thing you get after anchoring this habit

• Ask yourself – are you interested? Or! Are you committed?

• If you are committed, write “yes, I am” on the line

• Then – ARE YOU SURE? If you are, sign your name next to the line

Okay, what about the table?

• So now, in a big box, write your daily habit in, with specific starting time and finishing time.

• You complete the first row all at once. So! Figure out a time period you’re free for seven days. I’m sure you can make yourself that time – if you really want this habit!

• And now, write in a BIG Physical tangible reward for yourself, something you want for years. When is better to get it than when you stick to something new for seven days? SEVEN DAYS!

• And every day, after you take action, draw a BIG smiley face in the little box

• After Day 7, get yourself that big reward. GET-IT!

• AND, celebrate your progress with your friends or, share your great news with us here!!

What about after seven days?

• Let’s see if you can stick to it first

• If you can, congratulations on level up!

• You’ll then find out what you’ve got for the next level 😜

Waiting for your great news on Day 7!


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