What Was Meant to DESTROY You, God Will Use it to ELEVATE You for His Glory!

Destroy: to ruin the structure, organic existence, or condition of: to ruin as if by tearing to shreds: to put out of existence.

Elevate: to lift or make higher: to raise in rank or status: to improve morally, intellectually, or culturally: to raise the spirits of.

Throughout life, we are all put through challenges, or trails that are set out or appear to break you. God knows everyone's past, present, and future situations and He will not put you in a situation that you could not overcome. He will use challenging times to elevate you if you would trust in Him during those times. He is an Almighty and just GOD, He knows there are brighter days ahead of your troubling times.

The enemy might think that he has you down, but the enemy does not know that you are on the verge of the biggest breakthrough. This breakthrough is going to elevate you and put all your past troubles behind you. You may have been put through a double dose of trails but get ready because God is getting to pay you back double for your trouble. While traveling down the road of trails just know that Joy will come in the morning.

Psalm 30:5 "For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning."

When you are put through the test of life, stay positive about the situation. At the end of the day, God has it all under control. Stop losing sleep, stop stressing, stop smoking, stop drinking or whatever your go to stress reliever. These mechanism does not solve the problem, it only adds to the problem. Whatever test you are facing, you will get through it, if you would just put your faith and trust in Him. It may that you don’t get that house, that job, that car, that woman/man you want but don’t give up or get mad and upset at God. He has something better in store for your future. But in His timing and hour and not your. In this season we are taught to wait and have patience with God while He finish cooking up the next blessing. It's like baking a cake. You don't remove the cake from the oven while it's half way done to eat. It applies in the same situation as waiting on God. Wait till your cake is finished cooking to enjoy it once it cools off. However, the case God does all things for a reason and trust there are different seasons. God has the clock of when He is going to do what He said that He would do. Don’t get mad at God by the things He has control over, instead, you should stay positive about the situation, pray, have faith, trust, worship and praise the Lord.

Psalm 30:4 "Sing the praises of the LORD, you his faithful people, praise his holy name."

Don’t feel upset or defeated. God is on your side through the good times and as well through bad times. He closes when you are the farthest away from him. Cling to Him and His everlasting promises and He will deliver His will.

A few ways to overcome the enemy's test is that you must remain POSTIVE over EVERYTHING!!! There are 5 P’s that I use when I'm under pressure to remain calm, collective and positive.

5 P's

Positive in your thinking patterns

Positive in your actions

Positive in your speaking

Positive in your faith

Positive within yourself & God

How can I do this?

Stay positive and surround yourself with positive people with positive behaviors. You can change your thinking patterns and the way you talk. Encourage yourself to say positive things to yourself and others. You do these things you will have a positive outlook on life and will start to notice positive things around you.

Change your mindset can be a challenge but the rewards are well worth the cost. Here are a few more quick tips to get started.

Eliminate negativity Document your dreams and chase them Surround yourself only with supportive people Decide, believe and watch for clues on opportunities when they appear

Question: What mindset strategies have helped you elevate your life? Please share your insights in the comment section below?

The enemy was set to destroy, but God will use it to elevate you.

Isaiah 54:17 "No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue raise against shall be condemned"


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